RFID software - always everything in view

The use of RFID software is possible across industries and applications. Real-time evaluations as well as planning and control tasks can be viewed at any time and from any location with the help of an internet-capable computer system.

The EIC - RFID Gate software can be used across all sectors and applications and is tailored to the needs of logistics companies. It is used to generate and evaluate movement data records of objects (e.g. returnable load carriers or products) in real time. This data can be viewed by authorised users from any location using an internet-capable computer system. This supports those responsible for logistics in their planning and control tasks. Events such as goods receipts, goods issues or consumption are forwarded to leading ERP systems. Equipped with numerous features, the "EIC - RFID Gate" software is the best connection between Auto-ID hardware and customised backend software. Through individual customisation, "EIC - RFID Gate" can be used in any Auto-ID / RFID project.

Standards such as TDT or EPCIS allow existing installations to be expanded. "EIC - RFID Gate" provides a wide range of data interfaces to transport Auto-ID / RFID data to their destination in the best possible way. With the help of the EIC-Master (Embedded Intelligence Controlled) software, it is possible to freely program devices of the IPRO BlackBox series independent of the system and without additional software. The units can be set to different modes and, after saving the settings on the reader board's own memory, run as a completely independent system without a connection to an external PC. In this way, read events can be assigned to different actions such as triggering an order process at certain times or opening a lock. Even in the event of a power failure, the units, which are optionally equipped with a rechargeable battery, can continue their work without interruption or automatically return to the preset programmes after shutdown.