RFID tags - The perfect transponder

RFID tags are small transponders that contain the RFID markings as stored data and transmit it by radio to RFID readers. RFID tags contain the processor, memory and the transmitting/receiving device.

RFID transponders are a crucial element in any RFID installation. There is no one transponder for all requirements. The material to which a transponder is to be applied has a decisive influence on the performance of the RFID transponder. For example, transponders that are suitable for labelling plastic containers do not necessarily work on metallic surfaces. Conversely, an on-metal RFID transponder delivers greatly reduced performance on non-metallic surfaces. In addition, there are environmental influences such as heat, moisture, mechanical stress, etc., which an RFID transponder must withstand. For this reason, there are a large number of passive transponders of different designs and performance. Depending on the nature of the object to be marked and the individual requirements, we select the most suitable model for your application.