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Logistics at tagItron means making the customer’s desire for information the number one priority. We give you answers to your questions: Which products do your customers ask for at what times, at which places, in what volumes, in what quality and at what price.

TagItron Gmbh

The logistics industry that had been seen flourish over the previous years is currently experiencing massive upheaval globally. Permanent growth can only be achieved when logistics concentrates on increasing quality and efficiency. This will require a further digitalisation of all processes between industry and logistics. RFID technology from tagItron exploits new potential in warehouse and goods monitoring, but also for the product tracking from manufacturer to the final consumer along the entire supply chain. In addition to the development and own production of hardware components, we offer tailor-made solutions for availing of the savings potentials that exist in production and logistics.

Our solutions are your demands, because efficiency wins.

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